Rise Above The Average Man

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A Gentleman's Wick Candles are designed for men and provide enduring scents to any man seeking to add more class to his lifestyle.  Our wax is extracted from soybeans and every Candle is poured with 100% all natural soy wax which increases the burn time and allows a strong scent flow to filter through your home.  Soy wax Candles allow a cleaner burn with minimal soot buildup to maintain a long-lasting durable Candle.  The fragrances we select are ultra-strong and hand picked for men to fight against any odor to make your place comfortable for a date or guests.  The thick wooden wicks add a rustic touch and produces a robust steady flame which adds a low crackle as the flame slowly melts away the wax to release our classic fragrances. 

We hand pour each Candle to ensure quality and provide men with a well-crafted Candle to proudly display.  The containers A Gentleman's Wick choose to hand pour our Candles into are picked to match or blend into any man's home or office.  Our Candle tins, paint cans, whiskey tumblers, or canteen cups arrange suitably on desks, bars, or on top of your tool stand.  Whether you are a hard-working mechanic or an executive in the corner office, A Gentleman's Wick has the Candle for every type of gentleman.  Strike a match and light up a quality Candle produced for you and inhale the scent as you rise above the average man.  

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Rise Above The Average Man