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A Gentleman’s Wick was founded by two active duty Officers stationed at Fort Hood, Texas who wanted to provide men with a quality Candle.  Hoping to fill the serious lack of suitable Candles available and appealing to men, Morgan and Benton set out to craft the ideal Candle for the ideal gentleman.  It was there that A Gentleman's Wick was born as they set out to melt and hand pour quality soy wax into containers selected specifically to blend into a gentleman's domain and fused with fragrances men demand.  

Today, we continue to brainstorm and develop new product lines and fragrances to deliver classy Candles to improve men’s lives.  At a Gentleman’s Wick, we handcraft all natural soy wax Candles with scents and containers tailored for men and necessary to round out any home, office, or life.  Our commitment to our customers is to empower the average man to rise above and become a modern gentleman. 

Looking towards the future, A Gentleman's Wick aims to continue to search and test products with the goal of ever improving the lives of gentlemen.  With expanded scent delivery options or other life staples, the possibilites are endless as we endeavor to evolve our products to assist the average man and fill the need presented.  We look forward to providing you a quality Candle as you rise above the average man. 


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Rise Above The Average Man