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Paint Can Candle

Paint Can

A Workstation Requirement

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Canteen Candle


Army Issued Joy

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Tin Candle


Industrial Style Durability

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Whiskey Tumbler Candle

Whiskey Tumbler

Old School Class

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When men imagine their lives and the drive to better themselves, dreams of success and status filter through our minds.  We sink deeper into our thoughts to create the blueprint and road to a man we want to become with a date on our arm and a fresh tailored suit clinging to our bodies.  All details are thought out; except one.  The detail we forget to insert into our imaginations is the scent we inhale as we compete to better ourselves.  A Gentlemen’s Wick provides men with the ability to add a classic touch to every stage of a man’s life.  From your dorm, barracks, or office, A Gentlemen’s Wick gives you the ability to add another dimension to your path to establishing yourself as a gentleman.  Old habits of allowing your place to smell like a locker room or dugout hold you back from truly becoming an all-around gentleman.  Our Candles are filled with classic scents men want to inhale while snapping in a cuff-link or tightening a tie.  Each Candle is hand poured in Texas and made with all natural, eco-friendly soy wax that increases burn time.  It is our passion to deliver you a Candle you are proud to burn as a man along your road to greatness.

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